Algo Incantations

by Andrulian

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This album is a musical interpretation of shardcore's Algo Incantations ( Many thanks to Eric for allowing me to use his work in this way.

The use of an algorithm to produce an incantation is intriguing, especially using the Necronomicon by 'Simon'. I've written more about the reasons behind this and the creation of this album on my blog:

The incantations were produced using the principle of 'the true will of the machine' which I've tried to carry across in the musical interpretation. This means I've chosen random presets for the synths and effects as much as possible, often using random midi pattern generators. I've also used synthesised voices, either the Ivona Android voice or various voices from Alter/Ego by Plogue.

The songs were recorded as one take live recordings in Sensomusic Usine Hollyhock II using a variety of VSTIs and effects:
Dust (Soundmorph)
Polygon; Convex (Glitchmachines)
Deelay (Hornet)
Teulfelsberg reverb (Balance Mastering)
Carbon Electra (Plugin Boutique)
Alter/Ego (Plogue)
DDLY Dynamic Delay (iZotope)
Ambience (Smartelectronik)
Homing Pad; Groove Steps (Hollyhock II)
Incipit (Inear Display)
Vortex Soundwaves (Sample Science)
Frostbite; Space Strip (Audiothing)
Tremolator (Sound Toys)
Enzyme CM (Humanoid Soundsystem)
Noisetar (Nusofting)

They were subsequently mastered in MuLab 7.2 using Neutron by iZotope.


released March 5, 2017



all rights reserved


Andrulian UK

Exploring aspects of electronic music, not really bound by genre.

Somewhere between ambient, drone, progressive and minimal

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Track Name: receive the sun by day
I receive the sun at night and the moon by day
I leap over it by force
By the four gates
Mer Sidi
Track Name: break down its bars
I break down its bars
Zi Dingir Anna Kanpa
Track Name: open the gate
No man may seek my resting place
Zi Dingir Anna Kanpa
Open the gate
Track Name: spirit of the south
Spirit of the South, remember
In Shurrupak, I summon thee to mine aid
Zi Dingir Anna Kanpa
Track Name: against the lords of marduk
O witch that seekest me
Against the Lords of Marduk, remember
Thou stand at my side
Track Name: who art thou o witch
Who art thou o witch, that seekest me?
O shining day
Queen of the water, remember
I may hear
Track Name: heart of my goddess
May the heart of my goddess return to its place
Spirits, Lords of Ninnasu, Our father of the Earth
Invocation of the West gate, remember
Track Name: veiled is the night
Veiled is the night
Spirit of the sky, remember
Spirits, Lords of the infernal regions, remember
Shaziga Bara Ye
Invocation of the fire, remember
what goddess